The Andean Gaming trade Show which will take place in Bogota, Colombia, on April 11 and 12, is especially attractive for manufacturers and distributors given the favorable conditions that the country presents mainly due to political stability, juridical security and economic indicators.

We highlight a recent IDB report in which the Inter-American Development Bank praises the situation of the country within the context of the international financial crisis. The entity believes that correct measures were taken in Colombia at the appropriate time.

Tax and monetary management and the increase of tax collection show that the strength of the Colombian economy is real.

According to information from Banco de la Republica, the direct foreign investment figures in the country reached a record amount of US$ 10,800 billion in 2011.
The scene of the gaming industry is very encouraging since the creation of COLJUEGOS, the new regulating department which will replace the recently liquidated ETESA.

Colombia is aspiring to go from the $400,000 billion it collects annually for the gaming exploitation to $2 billion pesos per year in favor of the health of Colombians.

This new stage will lead to the adaptation and modernization of the national industry to the new technologies that prevail in the world and will promote the control of illegality. It will allow the creation of new companies and the expansion of those which are currently operating, clearing the investment scene during the next years.

The process of implementing the ON LINE control systems and the need to replace nearly 80 thousand machines will improve the quality operation standards in Colombia. The important industry of the Andean Region will turn into the leading trade show of the changes that are coming up.