Exhibitor’s Regulations

Dear Exhibitor:
The company 3A Producciones, welcomes their involvement and is pleased to confirm that the XVI Andean Gaming Trade Show, FADJA 2014, will take place on Wednesday, 23 and Thursday, April 24 from 14:00 to 20 : 00 hours in the Gran Salon at the International Business Center and Exhibition, Pavilions 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23, CORFERIAS in Bogota, Colombia.
Please consider the following observations and suggestions for maintaining and improving quality standards in the organization of the show and achieve greater efficiency and speed of assembly, staging, removal and results of the event:

The assembly will be held on Sunday 20 from 8:00 to 20:00 hours and can be made to 12:00 on Wednesday, April 23. The opening of the trade show will be at the 14:00 hours on Wednesday, April 23.
Exhibiting companies who wish to have more time to their mounts in advance, on Saturday March 19, will have to apply directly at the offices of the Department of Technical of Corferias and pay the value that they stipulate for additional time. The decor and design agencies in Colombia stands, a new procedure and should be taken into account and inform at the time of contract with their brands. Corferias.
The contact for these requests and settlement costs is Andrea Sarnari, phone: (+57) (1) 381 0030, email: asarnari@corferias.com

The removal should be performed on Friday, April 25 and Saturday, April 26, 2014, from 8:00 pm to 13:00 hours. If you need additional time should also be sent to Andrea Sarnari charge of billing for this item.
The height of the Gran Salon is 10 meters. However, it is recommended that the decoration and assembly reach a maximum height of 6.7 meters.

Mr. Luis Guillermo Potes, is in charge of Production, Security and Logistics at Corferias Gran Salon. For equipment and products and stands are protected at all times and have the power assistance and more timely, this official should contact the mobile phone: (+57) 321 645 1843,
email: lpotes@eventosyproducciones.com.co

To access the services provided Corferias and exhibition areas, your company must provide the identification number that regularly used to pay taxes in each country, which must be stated in the contract signed with the organizer. Kindly requested to send to you shortly. (Nit, Cuit, ID, Vat ).
To bring in the merchandise to the fairgrounds, you must fill out a format (form) that Corferias sends with a password for each exhibitor, furnished by them. Our
organization will timely deliver the corresponding link to fill out the form.
If the exhibitor requires special services such as furniture rental, television sets, additional electrical services, high-speed internet or others, he/she may go to Zona Plus, located in the fairgrounds and request the service in writing, in advance.

Customs rules Permanent Free Trade Zone, regulated to Corferias by DIAN, the taxing or customs authorities, are in strict compliance for the duration of the event. To solve any concerns about these standards, please contact Ms. Maria Piedad Ramirez, Director of Foreign Trade in Corferias, email: mramirez@corferias.com
The delivery service of goods, equipment and care of exhibitors in FADJA 2014 Free Zone, is in charge of the company ASAP Argentina, under the direction of Mr. Cristian Galarza, phone: (+54-11) 4301-5990 ,
email: cristian@asapce.com.ar
Due to special provisions of Corferias and the event organizers, minors are not allowed during the trade show. We kindly request you inform this to your guests.

In 2012, the organization of the Andean Gaming Trade Show, started an environmental campaign, which includes use paper as little as possible. For this reason, the exhibitor catalog will be displayed on the web www.fadja.com.
For proper presentation of your logo, location of your stand and trade data most relevant Guide for Exhibitors and Official Booth Exhibitors Catalogue 2013, which provides free request 3A Producciones contact Hernán Diaz. In the event that your company wishes an special advertise in the guide show, you should also contact us by email: media@fadja.com/ hernanfx@yahoo.com or cell phone: (+57) 313 – 3427884

Executive rooms with excellent corporate rates, can be found in Sheraton Hotel in the Colombian capital, just five minutes from El Dorado International Airport and five minutes from the fairgrounds Corferias. Contacts and Bookings must be made to Mrs. Nathalia Guayara through the line (+57) (1) 210-5000, mentioning the reserve for the Andean Gaming Trade Show, FADJA, and email: nathalia.guayara@ghlhoteles.com (available with preferential rates, 40 rooms)

Request to extend their general policies of insurance against all risks to the dates of the event in Corferias, including the dismantling and removal of the goods of Colombia, or buy the policy during the days of assembly.
These will be issued by Subroker de Seguros Company, the official insurance Corferias authorized to issue documents to ensure the goods against all risks. (Clause contemplated in the contract). The contact must be made with Mr. Alirio Alarcon, phone (+57) 310-8078880, email: gerencia@subrokerdeseguros.com

People who need to travel from their countries to Colombia to the Andean Gaming Trade Show, FADJA with tourist visas, should ask for letters to 3A Producciones in advance of at least 60 days before the show, specifying the information required by the authorities in these cases. Upon arrival, the international guests who requested these letters, must prove their presence in FADJA 2014, through registration or registration or, failing that, send a report on his trip to Colombia and not non-use of visas granted. These reports may be requested by the Colombian authorities, when they need it. For clarification or information about this topic contact Ms. Maria del Pilar Castaño, Phone: (+57) 57 317 402 0731, email: operativo@fadja.com

Administrative Assistance 3A Producciones is the unit responsible for issuing demand and peace and saved from the Andean Gaming Trade Show, for rental of exhibition spaces and all risk insurance policies to the participating companies, who must present to Corferias access, on Saturday, April 26 at 13:00 am.
The contact is Mrs. Diana Vanessa Campeón Calvo and / or Miriam Calvo, phone (+57) 317 747 9102,
email: administracion@fadja.com / businessmanager@fadja.com in 3A Producciones Office into the Gran Salon of Corferias.

The design and decoration of stands, is offered through DOS DISEÑO EXHIBICIÓN S.A.S., than offers the best relationship quality – price and exclusive on the model of your stand, contact to Mrs. Juliana Palacio, email comercial1@dosdiseno.com.

The official airline is Avianca of Colombia and its domestic and international rates fair discounts are available on page www.fadja.com. You can write to Mrs Maria del Pilar Castaño, email operativo@fadja.com for information about the link with Avianca.

1. Use free wireless Internet connection in Corferias.
2. Request a special entrance and exhibitor registration.
3. Consider the location and numbering of the stand in the background.
4. Take care of personal items such as laptops and video cameras, photography, etc. The organization will provide surveillance inside of pavilion; however the organization will not be the responsible for lost object inside the booths.
5. Report any irregularities to the Production Manager, Mr. Luis Guillermo Potes or Corferias supervisors.
6. The entry of equipment and products to the flag of Corferias is only allowed from Sunday April 20 at 8:00 am.

1. Permits for musical or artistic interpretation, live or musical execution by a DJ or soundtrack in the exhibitor or common circulation public hallways are totally forbidden. If this clause is violated the contract will be cancelled ipso facto. No money will be refunded and the organizer will ask for the intervention of the security and logistic forces of the event to deactivate the sound equipment and expel the interpreters, closing the stand.
2. The distribution of liquor in the pavilion of the exhibition is not permitted before 6:00 PM, no exceptions.

Welcome, we wish you a good show, many businesses and a pleasant stay at
the more productive and happy show in the Andean Region.

Corregido: última versión Marzo 17 2014. Español: Diana Campeón. English: Maria del Pilar Castaño.