General Rules Fadja 2012

1. General Management
The Executive Director of 3A PRODUCCIONES acts as the General Director of the Andean Gaming Trade ShowFADJA. Exercising his functions, the General Director will apply this policy for the contracts or agreements entered into with the participants, in special acts or in those in which there are empty space which need to apply the criteria contemplated in international fair regulations or a better judgment; preserving the objectives of the event and other applicable rules. Additionally there will be a Consulting Committee of the event in which the General Director of 3A PRODUCCIONES and two founding exhibitors will be a part of, being the maximum authority of the event in everything pertaining to the administrative and technical organization.

2. Subjections
All participants (exhibitors and attendants) of this annual fair are submitted to the present regulations.

3. Complaints
The formulation of complaints or differences that got to appear, will be taken care of and solved by the General Director, with definitive character and against them resource does not change for any reason.

4. Exhibitors
In every event there are conditions which guarantee that entities or people may participate in them. 3A PRODUCCIONES reserves the right to define the participation of a company, entity or person in the fair and abstains itself from giving explanations or justifying respect to said decision. 3A PRODUCCIONES will not have responsibility or participation of any kind in claims or discussions among the petitioners or exhibitors in relation to the existence in their favor of exclusivity rights or any other kind. These discussions must be solved by the competent authorities.

5. Conditions for participants
The people, company or entities who wish to participate as exhibitors in the fair must fill out the reservation format for the stand and fill out all the requisites that the same requests, sending them to 3A PRODUCCIONES within the terms established in the written proposal or contact via e-mail. The participation request is individual and nontransferable, in this case, only the company which fills out the reservation format initially will be considered as exhibitor. The name of the person who has the legal responsibility in the participation must be indicated in the reservation format. The reservation format with the commercial information for the participation in the event cannot be modified.

3A PRODUCCIONES will decide if it is accepted or not, without having to give any reason for explanation or justification. In case that the participation request is approved, will be sent to you the invoice and contract and you will be requested for an others documents in that case. The failure to send documents or requested information in the indicated time will be a reason for 3A PRODUCCIONES, adjudicate the space to another participant, without any explanation, refund or indemnity as in case don’t be followed the agreements obligations, the organizers will end the agreement or contract and the participation of the exhibitor in the Andean Gaming Trade Show.

6. Obligations and rights
3A PRODUCCIONES must comply with the obligations acquired during the negotiation, request of contract or agreement, exhibitor’s manual and the present regulations, plus all of those which are derived from the organization.

3A PRODUCCIONES will not be involved in the manufacturing, distribution, representation lf bingo and casino equipment, and at the same time in the operation of equipment or gambling in Colombia and the Andean region.

Pictures and videos taken by the organization during the assembly, event and dismantling, used for advertising means of the same event will be the exclusive property of 3A PRODUCCIONES, and its total or partial reproduction is prohibited, and the liberty to be published in communication means promoting the event, and any lawsuits for appropriation of images or copyright will be inadmissible. The database of attendants is exclusive property of 3A PRODUCCIONES as well.

7. Prohibitions
It is strictly forbidden to award to third parties the rented space and allow its use for activities which are not related in the participation formats. To bring in, sell, give away or exhibit products which are not indicated in the reserve format. Hold any time of activities which attempt against the normal function of the event, distributing religious or political propaganda, nudity and/or indecent pictures with sexual content. Distribute any type of advertising material that the General Management considers inappropriate. Distribute any time of advertising samples outside the assigned area. To bring in inflammable and explosive material and all that which the Management considers dangerous, harmful or inconvenient. To hold activities or act that cause determination to the installations of the place where the event is taking place and to realize practices that constitute advertising or unlawful competition. To hold exhibitions or scandalous demonstration or any type of inadequate noise for the tranquility of the exhibitors and visitors. Install advertising material outside the assigned area. Bring alcoholic beverage to the exhibition pavilion.

8. Sanctions
In case of breach of any of the conditions and guidelines described here, 3A PRODUCCIONES will be the only competent entity to impose sanctions originated for the infraction of this document and the agreement or rental contract signed for participating in the event.

9. Tariff fees
The fees for participating in the Andean Gaming Trade Show, FADJA, will be the ones which appear for this event on the web page, known by the participants and agreed upon in the rental contract of the spaces.

The prices accepted in the contract are subject to change without previous notice, in compliance with the aspects related in the exchange parity, inflation, imposing rates, tributary reforms or political situation and public order in the country or any other consideration of major force that the owner of Corferias deems convenient. In the event that the show is postponed for the above mentioned reasons, the current prices will be charged for the date on which the show takes place, not the prices established in the initial quotation. The guarantee of the prices is not considered, even if the prepayment of 90% of the total estimate of the quotation.

The contract will not have effect in case that the normal operations of Corferias or where FADJA and its alternate marketing events take place, are affected by situations of political order, strikes, labor disputes or actions and/or natural events that are out of its control. In case that the above occurs, the shows may be postponed according to the availability of space or rooms or in case that the fair finally cannot be made for the reasons above, the organizer is not obligated to refund the payments already made from the exhibitors.

10. Terms of payment
Without the timely and full payment, 3A PRODUCCIONES does not guarantee the participation of the exhibitor in the Andean Gaming Trade Show, FADJA. And the assigned area may be given to another participant without having the right to any indemnification.

11. Awarding exhibition spaces
The awarding of the exhibition spaces will take place in the zone and in the area that the General Management has defined according to the requested documents for participation. Nevertheless, the General Management reserves the right to relocate the participant in any other area if necessary, considering the extension of the assigned area. In this case, it will not be an excuse of the exhibitor to elude his responsibility ant total fulfillment of the obligations and there will be no reason for any type of indemnification or sanction. The exhibitor will be awarded the exhibition area the day agreed upon in the exhibitor’s manual of the fair, if he has complied with all the requisites and paid the total amount established. If this is not so, the area may be awarded to a third party and there will be no reason for claims not indemnifications.

12. Penal clause
The sums canceled up to that day will be considered as a penal clause for breach of contract.

13. Obligatory insurance
The areas taken in rent and the products to be exhibited must be compulsory insured by the exhibitor and policies must be issued against theft, fire, subtraction, earthquake, terrorism, etc. assuming the costs and it is an indispensable requisite to be able to participate in the exhibit.

14. Assembly and decoration of the exhibition areas
Everything related with the assembly and decoration of the exhibition areas must be submitted to the parameters of the exhibitor’s regulations and completely adjusted to the guidelines which have been established for the event. It is forbidden to hold or hang any type of objects in the structure of the fair site or over the decorations of the other participants. The assembly in exhibition areas must be finished twelve (12) hours before the inauguration of the event. After that moment no type of decoration elements, assembly or workers will be allowed. Transportation of materials or equipment may only be done in the hours previously determined by the General Management. This implies that for no reason they may be done during exhibition hours.

15. Installations and additional services
The exhibitor declares that he knows and accepts everything about the location of his installations and the conditions that have access to it for the fair, and all the basic services included in the rental contract and other documents that rule his participation. He also knows and accepts the guidelines about additional services, available conditions and costs of the same. The rules of improvement and constructions are totally known and accepted by the exhibitor. All the rules above mentioned are contained in the offer made by the Andean Gaming Trade Show for the event and they are located in the respective rental contract which has been individually performed with each exhibitor.

16. Name tags or identification credentials
3A PRODUCCIONES will give the exhibitors their personal and nontransferable name tags to be able to enter the premises and the different privileges to which they are entitled to (an exterior door exclusively for their access). The exhibitors will be the only ones responsible for the bad use of the identifications, such as fraud and/or amendments both from them and from their employees. From the above, the exhibitor will deliver 3A PRODUCCIONES a list of people who have a right in proportion to the size of his area and in compliance with the regulations. Any improper use on the part of the exhibitor or his employees will be the cause of immediate expulsion on behalf of 3A PRODUCCIONES and the application of the amounts already paid as a fine for the breach.

The exhibitors and general staff must wear on a visible place the identification credentials assigned for the organizer.

17. Governmental control organisms
The national laws which govern the gambling sector (Law 643 of 2001) and regulations decrees will be applied by the national government though the Health Territorial Company ETESA and the National Tax and Customs Department DIAN. 3A PRODUCCIONES compromises to facilitate the exhibitors a permanent specialized Free Trade Zone for the effects of marketing its products in Colombia (3 months). Corferias does not present additional costs in the Permanent Free Trade Zone and there fore they will not be charged to international exhibitors and the organizers commit themselves to keep it this way until the conditions of the fairgrounds allow it. The exhibitors must facilitate all the admissible requirements of the competent authorities during the course of the event.

The General Management of 3A PRODUCCIONES comply with the requisites of presenting the PMLA forms (Prevention of Money Laundering Act) and announce the occasional intervention of the authorities in the fairgrounds and the governmental organisms for control and vigilance, which may require information from the exhibitor to verify his commercial activities in the gaming industry in Colombia , a legal clause accepted by 3A PRODUCCIONES in the contract signed annually with Corferias, the Corporation for Fairs and Exhibits.

The retail sale of products in the FADJA fair is strictly forbidden by Corferias General Management and 3A PRODUCCIONES, in compliance with the conditions stipulated by DIAN, the Colombian Tax and Customs Department, in contracting the fair grounds. The companies who do not comply with this regulation will be asked to cancel their participation in the event by the competent authority, in this case DIAN, without any refund from the organizer.

18. Restrictions
The partial or total reproduction of the logo, name or corporate image of Andean Gamin Trade Show, FADJA, is strictly forbidden without the previous authorization and use of the manual designed for its application. The organization will place the necessary vigilance, but it is the responsibility of each one of the exhibitors to take care of the internal area of their stand. For this, they must contract at least one person for internal security in the larger spaces of the show. 3A PRODUCCIONES reserves the admission right of two or more brands with a different legal representative in the same stand. Only the advertising and image of the company that contracted the space and the brands or products previously registered in the annual exhibitors guide will be admitted. The companies that allow the use of their spaces will be sanctioned with a one year suspension in the rent of spaces and the loss of location and special discounts for advanced payment.

The opening of the fair for attendants is Wednesday and Thursday since 13:00 until 20:00 hours. The dismantling and take the merchandize out of the fairground are allowed since Friday at 8:00 until 20:00 hours. The organizer´s staff does not allow the exit or dismantling of stands before the closure time established for 3A PRODUCCIONES. The exhibitors, who require additional time for special stand assembly in the pavilions of Corferias, should go directly to the Technical Department of Corferias, Mrs. Andrea Sarnari, phone number (+571) 381 0030, e-mail:, who is the Director in charge to approve it and to inform the additional cost.

19. Terms and extension of these Regulations
The regulations contemplated in the present document apply for the Andean Gaming Trade Show 2012, event organized by 3A PRODUCCIONES under the brand FADJA. As the internal contracting regulation with Corferias present modifications, these will be communicated immediately.

20. Information
3A PRODUCCIONES has established fixed points in the pavilion and a virtual information system in its temporary office in the great floor of Corferias, which contains everything related to information about the exhibitors, their equipment, products, services and activities or events which will take place during the event so that there will be a normal development in commercial contacts for buyers and sellers. All the information of the exhibitors and visitors are property of 3A PRODUCCIONES and its use will be made with absolute responsibility and discretion.

21. Modifications to these Regulations
If 3A PRODUCCIONES deems it necessary, it reserves the right to change or modify these regulations in any of its points or to issue special terms and conditions that are not mentioned in this document. The exhibitor accepts these special modifications.