The Corporate Social Responsibility is a concept referring to the role that the companies are currently planning in favor of Sustainable Human Development, that is, the balance among economic growth, social welfare and the rational use of the natural resources and respect for the environment. Modern organizations in a globalized world recognize compromises beyond meeting the law and maximizing profits towards their shareholders.

Corporate Social Responsibility relates to community development programs, support for culture, the academy and in general it  refers to activities aimed at social improvement not associated with the operation of the business and commercial promotion of the image.

Being socially responsible brings multiple benefits to organizations that adopt these practices among which evidence closer relationships and they generate loyalty and increasing satisfaction with the persons or entities close to the surrounding activities of the organization.

In the area of ​​Corporate Social Responsibility, it is necessary to generate tools to progressively measure the economic, social and environmental operations and replicate those successful initiatives that generate value to each of the groups of interest and contribute to the development of society

RSE Event Programming

· Presentation in charge of a famous person of the entertainment world.

· Opening Show – Aerial Opera

· Multimedia projection of some of the RSE projects executed by the
different sectors of the Colombian gaming industry


· Presentation of consolidated investment amounts in RSE by Casino
Groups and permanent bets (Chance).

· Launching of the RSE – FADJA Campaign for the Mi Sangre Foundation
to deliver in the next FADJA event (2014) an amount of minimum 100
million pesos to the Mi Sangre Foundation with the purpose of
contributing to its objective of peace and recuperation of the social
network affected by violence, mainly in children and teenagers.


· Salsa Show
· DJ Cross Over
· Audiotropicos Orchestra

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